Nell Hergenrather spent her early years living on one of the most famous and successful communes of the 70's, the Tennessee Farm. Like any child immersed in nature, she developed a deep connection to the natural world. In the eighties her family moved to sunny California in search of organized education and financial freedom. Always ready to defy convention, her parents pulled Nell and her three brothers out of school as teenagers and traveled the world on a shoestring for over a year. Even then, at the young age of 14, Nell knew she wanted to be an artist. She sold her first paintings in high school through the art department and was hooked. She received her formal art training at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she primarily worked with oil on canvas. Nell has been sculpting and creating molds using cutting edge materials to create plants, landscapes, cityscapes, and underwater worlds with a futuristic space age design. She has found a voice in her humanistic bird and fish characters and with her sculptural paintings. Nell's work continues to evolve, bringing a truly unique and playful perspective to the art market.